About Lugang

The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system. So far, the company developed a number of products have high technical uniqueness, among which "ultra high branch, cotton velvet soft? (product number: 080582 g0632n)", "hair silk linen function? (product number: 090582 g0339n)", "high pure mohair yarn (product number: 090582 g0340n)", "more colour to exceed soft copy cashmere (product number: 080582 g0633n)", "high close cotton wool blended yarn (product number: 070582 g0699n)", "worsted gradient and colorful yarn (product number: 100582 g0596n)" and "diversified sports sexual fabrics (product number: 100582 g1071n)", through the jiangsu science and technology hall identified as high-tech products. This a series of outstanding performance to condense the deer Hong Kong people's wisdom and sweat, more inspires people constantly climbing the peak of the deer.

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